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WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE! Electrosex has fascinated you for a while and now you are here to see these electrosex sluts get the most *electrifying* experience of their lives! Electrosex stimulation involves mild electrical current that stimulates and arouses and as you will see in the electro sex videos, by stimulating the right spot with a mild electrical tickle, delivered by an electrode pad that sticks to the skin, a series of stimulating pulses travel up nerve pathways in the legs to the sexual nerves responsible for arousal and sexual response. There are three main nerve bundles in the pelvic region. If you stimulate each one alone, it can bring about a different type of orgasm. For example, one might bring about a clitoral orgasm while another may bring about a deep vaginal orgasm. Can you imagine how many electro orgasm a girl get if she would be stimulated with two eletcroplugs inserted in her asshole and pussy? And how much pain she can endure if we turn on high power and shock her with cattle prod? Watch an electrosex video to witness an electrosex slave being forced to cum after intensive elecrotorture sex session. This is an electrosex video site dedicated to beautiful women receiving electrostimulation. Clamped with electrical clothepins and submitting to the violet wands, and other wired pussy attachments, these women are bound and *shocked to orgasm* from the electricity pulsing in their tight pussies!

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We have some electrosex video site reviews for the electro orgasm enthusiast! Electricity Play is where you will see amateurs receiving electro-stimulation and bdsm during electro sex play. This site has the electro sex videos showing Dr. Sparky using his Lightning Rod to create powerful bolts of electricity shocking every part of his electrosex slaves' naked bodies and forcing electro orgasm! Our Electricity Play review will even show you that that their pussies gets some electric pleasure with a big vibrator while their asses are tortured with TENs! Wired Pussy shows real Doms and submissives in serious electro torture videos of wired pussy orgasms. Extreme electro sex videos featuring true submissive girls are wired and shocked with electricity, their nipples suffering great pain as the Dom turns on electro shockers to shaved submissive pussy and sensitive clits are shocked with electricity using violet wands and cattle prods. Our Wired Pussy review shows how a true electrosex slave has got an electro plug in her anus which can make her suffer or bring pain, or pleasure, depending on what her Dom wants. Through the creative use of different electrosex toys including cattle prods, the violet wand, TENS unit, canes, sticky pads, the Hitachi and bdsm electrical nipple clamps, electric pussy torture is an art that has been shocking audiences and its users ever since it was discovered. If you are into into electric pussy or any type of the electrosex role-play, of course we recommend you enjoy the electro sex videos and watch as subs get shocked with so many kinds of electrical toys, inducing them into a series of hot, intense electro orgasm sessions. Get ready to turn on the electricity--way up!

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